About Apatch


Apatch is a one man operation. We specialize in the production of laser cut patches and the production of (small)tactical equipment

We are a small company that started in 2018. But our story starts in 2015.

The man behind Apatch is Bruno Van der Straten. Who decided to create his own patches after experiencing some problems while purchasing some patches online for his airsoft team.

Getting out of your comfort zone is liberating, so he started the creative design process and after the first designs where ready, he found a  FabLab in Antwerp, his home town, where he could test his designs.

After one and a half years of developing, redesigning and testing in the FabLab, selecting only the very best materials, we believe to have a product that stands out in quality and durability.

Our story does not stop there, since that day we have constantly been re-evaluating our production process looking for a better way to produce our patches and create an even more durable product.

Using only the very best materials we can find, we create patches that last. We do not make choices in materials that will have a negative impact on the quality of the patches or tactical equipment.

All our patches and the tactical equipment are designed and manufactured in Antwerp, Belgium.

We do not outsource any jobs and have our own production facility.

Starting out with just a few designed patches, we are constantly improving and fine-tuning our designs and creating new ones. All patches are custom made to the clients own specifications.

“Client is king”, for us not just a statement but our way of running a business.

Last but not least, Apatch wishes to be a clean company. We take care of the environment, Our production facility is powered with solar cells. We like our energy clean.
For our waste management, we try to develop and produce as efficient as possible, trying to reduce our waste production to the absolute minimum.

Thank you for showing interest in our products. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.